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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this horse training?

No. This is not a substitute for horse training. There will be no discussion about how to train your horse or how to teach your horse new things.

Life coaching for equestrians offers a unique focus on mental preparation for competitions and training, without delving into horse training techniques. Through personalized sessions, we explore your learning styles, enhancing your ability to absorb instruction from your trainer effectively. Together, we develop tailored tools to optimize your mindset before and after rides, fostering greater enjoyment and fulfillment in your equestrian pursuits.

Is this therapy?

No. Life coaching typically focuses on helping individuals set and achieve personal or professional goals, enhancing their overall satisfaction and success in life. It often involves action-oriented strategies, accountability, and motivation to empower clients to reach their full potential. Therapy, on the other hand, addresses mental health concerns, emotional challenges, and past traumas through exploration, understanding, and healing. Therapists are trained to diagnose and treat mental health disorders, utilizing various therapeutic techniques to promote psychological well-being. While life coaching emphasizes forward movement and goal attainment, therapy delves into deeper emotional and psychological issues to facilitate healing and growth. However, there can be overlap between the two fields, and individuals may benefit from both depending on their specific needs and goals.

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