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Empowering Equestrians In and Out of the Arena

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Mindset Coaching

Mindset coaching sessions for equestrians delve into the mental aspects that contribute to champion performance. Together, we'll explore resilience, focus under pressure, and the mindset required for peak performance in equestrian sports. By addressing and enhancing these skills, we aim to unlock the full potential of each person, fostering a champion's mindset for success.

$35 for 30 min

$60 for 60 min 

Pre-ride Mental Routine

Our personalized pre-ride mental routine service involves receiving a short, customized audio guide for individual riders. By understanding the unique strengths and struggles of each rider, the audio provides targeted affirmations, visualizations, and focus strategies to enhance mental preparation before every ride. This tailored approach aims to optimize performance, boost confidence, and foster a resilient mindset for individuals seeking peak success in their  pursuits.

$25 per routine - Spotify and Youtube delivery available

* must have completed 1 mindset training session prior


Focus Flow

Getting ready for a big event and need to dial in your flow? Book a Focus Flow. This is a mini session that skips right to the heart of your needs and leaves zero room for excuses. Perfect for show days or days you are going to have an important lesson and need to show up as your best self. 

$10 for 5 min

*must have completed 1 mindset coaching session prior

*will not last longer than 5 min

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